Passage 1

Read the following passage carefully and answer the question that follow.

One of the finding of the research into successful leadership is the fact that respect is always a two-way street. no matter how powerful you are, no matter what your experience,skills and accomplishments, you will not be respected by others if you consistently treat them disrespectfully. friendliness-that is, treating others politely and showing interest in them-is a way of showing your respect for other people and in return they respect you. if as a manger you are respected, preventive maintenance strategy will be accepted as a sincere attempt to resolve problems rather than a mean-spirited attempt to cause problems.

As important as friendliness is, i want to make sure you are not mislead into believing that friendliness will replace or correct poor management. i have seen effective managers who did not use this friendliness element but could have been more effective if they did use it. i have seen very friendly managers who were ineffective because they were not doing effective management things. in other words, managers who intervene effectively in a friendly way are always more effective than managers who intervene effectively in a non-friendly way. maintaining a friendly relationship is another part of maintaining a friendly relationship is another part of maintaining work performance. it also helps to avoid having people try to hurt you because they do not like you. it might save your life.

Q.1 According to the passage, friendliness in management terms implies
(A) making management effective.
(B) making management ineffective.
(C) replacing poor management
(D)Correcting ineffective management
Ans (A)

Q.2 The central idea of the passage is
(A) Friendliness improves the work-ethos.
(B) friendliness avoids change of feeling hurt
(C) friendliness is necessary for management
(D) friendliness is a negative factor for management
Ans (A)

Q.3 The passage highlights which of the following feature of a successful leadership?
(A) Reciprocity of the leader
(B) Least concern for relationship by the leader
(C) independence of the leader
(D) Dependence of the leader
Ans (A)

Q.4 What is reported in respect of successful leadership?
(A) Respect depends on the accomplishments of the leader.
(B) Respect comes out of respect
(C) Respect depends on skills of the leadership
(D) respect depends on experience of the leadership
Ans (B)

Q.5 The preventive maintenance strategy used by a respected manager will mean to the subordinates.
(A) An attempt to become sincere.
(B) An attempt to become mean-spirited
(C) An attempt to resolve problems
(D) An attempt to cause problems
Ans (C)

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