UGC NTA NET 2021 | Characteristics of Research | Part-2nd | unit-2nd |

 UGC NTA NET 2021 | Characteristics of Research | Part-2nd | unit-2nd |

The characteristics of a research are the qualities or features of the research, which give recognition to the outcome of the research.
 important characteristics of research are discussed below

  • Objectivity: It means the research is being free from all biases. In other words it means, observation is unaffected by the observer's values, beliefs and preferences to the possible extent.

  • Reliability: If the similar research is carried by time and again in a similar setting it must give similar result. so, the researcher must frame the research questions to make it reliable and provide similar outcomes. similarity in result of research is the reliability of the research. for example, if a respondent gives out a response to a particular item, he is expected to give the same response to that item even if he is asked repeatedly. if he is changing his response to the same item, the consistency will be lost. so, the researcher should frame the items in a questionnaire in such a way that it provide consistency or reliability.

  •  Validity: The meaning of validity in research is accuracy in research procedure and research instruments. these are multiple measuring tools available for research design but valid measuring tools are those which help a researcher in gauging results according to the objective of research.any measuring device can said to be valid if it measures what it is expected to measure and nothing else. to make a research valid the questionnaire framed before research must be framed accordingly.
  • Accuracy: It means truth or correctness of a statement or describing things exactly as they are and avoiding jumping to unwarranted conclusions either by exaggeration or fantasising.
  • Credibility: It refers to the extent to which a research account is believable and appropriate, with particular reference to the level of agreement between participants and the researchers.
  • Systematisation: it means attempting to find all the relevant data or collecting data in a systematic and organised way so that the conclusion drawn are reliable.
Apart from the above characteristics following are also some important characteristics of the research methodology. they are:
  • Empirical Research: is based on direct experience or observation by the researcher.
  • Logical Research: is based on valid procedure and principles
  • Cyclical research:starts with a specific problem, find solution for that problem and provide(paves)  way to arise new problem
  • Analytical research: utilises proven analytical procedures in gathering data; whether historical, descriptive, experimental and case study.
  • Critical Research: exhibits careful and precise judgements
  • Methodological research: is conducted in a methodological manner without biasness, using systematic method and procedures.
  • Replicability research: design and procedures are repeated to enable the researcher to arrive at valid and conclusive results.

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