UGC NTA NET 2021 | Research Meaning and definitions| Unit-2nd | Part 1|

 UGC NTA NET 2021 | Research Meaning and definitions| Unit-2nd | Part 1|

 Research aptitude is acquired or natural skill of an individual to do scientific and objective analysis of observation. such aptitude contributes in the development of generalised principles. the curiosity in human mind,gives birth to research aptitude. research is a vast process which involves micro to macro observations of a problem.

Meaning and definition of Research:

The term Re-search means to make known of an existing thing. Thus research means (search of searched) to elicit some facts out of known thing. 
E- Enroot

The word research is derived from Latin word which means 'to known' or 'to go about seeking' Research is a process in which a series of steps are used to collect &^ analyze the info. to increase our understanding of a topic or issue.

Research is defined as a careful consideration of study regarding a particular concern or a problem using scientific methods. it gives multiple solutions for a single problem and there are many possible ways to do research for a single problem.

Definition given by some scholars are as follows:

Redman and Mory define research as a "systematic effort to gain new knowledge".

According to webster, "Research is a studious inquiry or examination, critical and exhaustive investigation, or experimentation, having its aim for discovery of new facts and their correct interpretation".

According to J W Best, "Research is considered to be the more formal, systematics, intensive process of carrying on the scientific methods of analysis. it involves a more systematic methods of analysis. it involves a more systematic structure of investigation, usually resulting in some sort of formal record of procedures and report of results or conclusions".

Objective of Research

Research objectives are the results sought by the researcher, to achieve at the end of the research study. Though, each research has its own specific purpose, research objectives can vary with its achievement goal.
following are the general objectives of research
  • To gain familiarity with phenomena and achieve new insight into it.
  • To determine the frequency with which something occurs.
  • To test hypothesis of cause, effect and relationship between variables.
  • To describe, unexplained horizon of knowledge.
  • To study and resolve contradiction in area of study and purpose a new theory.
  • To know the level of association between two variables.
  • To carry work for the betterment or upliftment of the society.

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