UGC NTA NET Exam Preparation | Types of Communication | Unit-4th | Part-2 |

 UGC NTA NET Exam Preparation | Types of Communication | Unit-4th | Part-2 |

Communication involves a sender and a receiver of message to perform a function. the message is shared between two persons. where either one reacts to the message or one does not react. it can be said that communication is social and cultural togetherness. therefore, types of communication are divided on the basis of following aspects.

On the basis of relationship element

1. Interpersonal or Dyadic Communication
  • It is the process by which people exchange information, feelings and meaning
  • it is face-to-face communication
  • it i snot just about what is actually said but how it is said. 
  • it is an ideal and effective communication, as one can get an immediate feedback. in this communication ethics are important.
  • it may be formal or informal and can take place anywhere by means of words, sound, facial expressions, gestures and postures.
  • This type of communication depend on the mutual relationship between two partners in their status, communication, role and skills.
2. Intrapersonal Communication
  • it takes place within the individual.
  • It is meant to reflect oneself to clarify something.
  • it is self-oriented to know what is true or false, good or bad etc.
  • It might be descriptive or prescriptive.
  • it is a learned idea of an individual.
  • it is generally consistent with values, so that it is often emotional.
3. Mass or Mediated Communication
  • Communication with mass audience is called as mass communication
  • it is used as synonyms for convenience.
  • the channel through which communication takes place is called as mass media
  • Any mechanical device that multiplies message and takes it to a large no. of people simultaneously is called mass communication.
  • it is special kind of communication in ethics the nature of the audience are considered.
  • its feedback is different from that of interpersonal communication
  • Radio, Tv, newspapers, films, magazines, etc are the examples of mass communication.

On the basis of purpose and style

on the basis of purpose and style, types of communication can be divided in 2 forms. they are

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