UGC NTA NET Exam Preparation: Oriental, Conventional and non-conventional learning programmes in India|Unit-10|part-3|

 UGC NTA NET Exam Preparation: Oriental, Conventional and non-conventional learning programmes in India|Unit-10|part-3|

Oriental, conventional and non-conventional learning programmes are designed to provide education and skills to youth population and prepare them for employment.these learning programmes are discussed below:

Oriental Learning Programmes in India

These programmes are of short duration such as 6 months to 1 years which provide skills to youths and prepare them for employment. these programmes include such courses in which modern and advanced techniques are used which are based on employment generation. for e.g., data entry operator, web designing, beautician, search engine optimization and so on. these Programmes also include such courses which are based n foreign language like french, German, portuguese, etc through which one get better opportunities for employment.

Characteristics of Oriental Learning Programmes:

  • These learning courses can be opted after 12th or graduation level of education.
  • these are employment oriented programmes.
  • these provide better opportunities of employment in both in the country and foreign countries.
  • These courses are easy to learn and that too in very short duration.
  • Note in 2015 pradhan mantri kaushal vikas yojana (PMKVT) was launched by GOI in all states of the country. under this programme the ministry of skill development and entrepreneurship is providing oriental courses to students who have passed 12th level. it is also providing employment to these youths.

Conventional Learning Programmes in India:

These learning programmes include all those course which are imparted in colleges and universities. in these programmes such courses are opted which are carrier and employment oriented and provide education along with intellectual skills. for e.g. Graduation, M.B.A, LL.B and so on

Characteristics of Conventional Learning Programmes:

  • These programmes include all the objectives of education like knowledge, comprehension and opportunities for employment.
  • in these programmes the main emphasis is given on progressive education. 
  • in these programmes learning is based on holistic view, self control, self-realisation and cultural values.
  • although through these courses chances of employment are adequate but take  a long time to be accomplished.

Non-Conventional Learning Programmes: 

Non-conventional learning programmes in india are different from conventional learning programmes. under this programme teaching programmes are done in the form of online education (E-Learning), open and distance education,etc.

these programmes include both advanced method complex learning aspects through which learning becomes more effective for learners. these teaching methods can be correspondence education, open schools and so on. these also include online mode and optional courses. these programmes fulfill the demand of modern society and encourage employment oriented learning. these include professional and technical programmes.

Characteristics of Non-Conventional Learning Programmes:

  • The main emphasis of these programmes is to make learning simple and easy for youths.
  • these programmes are based on complex aspects which fulfill the demand of employment oriented courses.
  • these programmes enable students to be entrepreneurs or establish their own business.

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