UGC NTA NET Exam Preparation : Connotations and Denotations|Unit-6|part-2|

 UGC NTA NET Exam Preparation : Connotations and Denotations|Unit-6|part-2|

Words are not limited to one single meaning. most of the words do have multiple meanings, which are either categorize as denotative or connotative.

The Denotations of a word it its explicit definitions as listed in a dictionary. e.g., the denotative meaning of home is 'a place where one lives, a 'residence'.

The expressiveness of a language, however, comes from the other type of word meaning.

Connotations is a set of association that a word usually brings to mind. the connotative meaning of home is a place of security, comfort and family.

the quote 'east or west, home is the best'
  • Facts, opinions, belief and prejudice
1. Facts: a fact is a verifiable. we can determine whether it is true by researching the evidence.
the facts are as follows:
Things known for certain to have happened.
Things known for certain to be true.
things known for certain to be exist
e.g., 1. newton is the law of gravity
e.g. 2 india got independence on 15th august 1947

2. opinions: an opinion is a judgement based on facts, an honest attempt to draw a reasonable conclusion from factual evidence

opinions are as follow:
Things believed to be happened
Things believe to be true
things believe to be true

3. Prejudice: a half baked opinion based on insufficient evidence
unlike a belief, a prejudice is testable, it can be contested and disapproved on the basis of facts.

4. Belief: a belief is conviction based on cultural or personal faith, morality or values.
belief are inarguable, they can not serve as the thesis of a formal argument.

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